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Founded by Russell Vollmer who has lived as a quadriplegic for most of his life in Cape Town. Russell has travelled extensively in South Africa, Europe, Australia, the USA and South America in a private, business and sporting capacity. He brings this experience to CapeAble with the purpose of making the Western Cape more accessible and accommodating to people with disabilities. The scope of disabilities is so extreme where some people with disabilities need permanent nursing assistance while others are able to live an independent life. But they all do face daily challenges and need to plan an appropriate route whenever they leave their homes.

“We can all share some horror stories and laugh about them now, but at the time it was no laughing matter. Such as the time when visiting Gold Reef City some years back I learnt a lesson in interpretation. I needed assistance to go down a pavement and as normal I found a willing helper who was physically strong to assist. We moved to the curb and I then instructed him to tip the wheelchair, I'm sure I said back but he just heard tip, so he duly tipped the wheelchair forward. After my panic reaction I then made my instruction clearer and he then tilted me backwards and down we went safely. On reflection I realized because of our language difference and his exposure to English in his work environment he was more used to tipping a wheelbarrow so he did as instructed by his understanding. I've been very careful since to make my instructions very clear.”

Russell has served on the Access Committee, ADP Management Committee and has consulted tothe city of Cape Town to audit some of its buildings. In 2005 he decided to formalise his services andestablish CapeAble, to consult to organisations on matters relating to disabilities that could affectedtheir business.

Together with psychologist Mark Wortley's JONGA Training and Facilitation they have created specialised training courses aimed at able-bodied people to teach them how to interact comfortably with persons who have a disability.

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